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what is the distance of wide line from stump in cricket

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What is a stump in cricket? - Answers

They are called semi tries they are made of wood. correct that is

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Cricket - Quick Guide, Cricket is a team sport that is played outdoors.

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Apart from the fact that both cricket and baseball are bat-and-ball games, a lot more similarities as well as differences exist between the two.

the Basic Rules of Cricket: 13 Steps

1 Understanding the Equipment. ... 2 Understanding the Field.

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While playing or watching various sports, it is natural for one to register differences or similarities among them.

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Liam Livingstone hit a massive six over 120 meters during the England vs Pakistan 2nd T20I.

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Leg side’ and ‘off side’ are another two terms that can be confusing if you’re a newcomer to cricket.

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Don’t we all love the sight of a cricket ball sailing high and long into the stands with the audience going bonkers around it?